NTENT was established in 1995 by 8 committed physicians who had a shared vision of a group of dedicated Otolaryngologists to join together to form one of the largest quality ENT groups in the US. Currently, NTENT consist of more than 200 Otolaryngologists and Oculoplastic physicians throughout the state of Texas and continue to grow.

Each physician within the NTENT network is carefully chosen who exhibits outstanding medical skills, excellent credentials, and excels in his or her area of expertise.

In addition to preeminent physicians and broad geographic coverage, NTENT has a comprehensive quality assurance program to ensure increasing performance results and better care for our patients. Providing quality care is paramount to NTENT. We are committed to ensuring patient satisfaction, to monitoring our performance, and to continually improving the delivery of health care.

Exceptional health care.

Acclaimed physicians.

Renowned Quality.

At NTENT, we are committed to EXCELLENCE.